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Nov 24, 2015

My Favorite Bold Lips To Add Some Wow To Your Holidays

I’ll be honest; during the holiday season I’m usually a hot mess.  My birthday kicks starts the season, followed closely by Thanksgiving (some years my birthday falls on Thanksgiving but I’m too selfish to celebrate them on the same day), and then I’m a disaster through the whirlwind that is all of December.  Fortunately for me, my messy locks are now trendy, but my generally slovenly nature is not cute for any activities that don’t take place on my couch.  My secret weapon to get out of my apartment or my office, and to a place where I have to look respectable, is always a bold lip.  No matter what a mess you are in life, a bold lip makes you look like you’re doing it all on purpose.  What is more chic than a red lip?  What looks more rock n roll than a vibrant purple?  If you see me this holiday, you can guarantee that I’ll look at least half-human, but you can rest assured that the only effort I’ve probably put into my look has to do with my lip color. 
For the office:
My office is not as “buttoned up” as some are, but I feel like Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Mercy looks just as good with a sensible Hilary pantsuit as it does with a nice blouse and a pair of jeans.  The color is unique, because I feel like you rarely see a deep wine shade with the metallic feel that this has.     
See also: this lipstick randomly makes me feel like an Olsen twin, and I dig it.   
For parties:
Before you start thinking I’m a cool person that parties a lot, let me explain to you that my favorite “party” is on my couch with my dog and a brick of cheese.  But in the event that I venture out of my apartment, which is an unfortunate necessity during holiday season, Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Matte After Dark is one of my favorite lippies. 
For when I’m trying to make an impression:
Nothing makes a lasting impact the way a bold red does.  NOTHING, I TELL YOU.  It took me a long time to find my perfect reds, but now I have a serious arsenal of them.  It was hard to choose which one to use here, between my 3 favorites.  Illamasqua’s Box was created by one of my favorite makeup artists, Alex Box, and I’ve gone through so many tubes, it’s hard to keep track.  Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon is truly incredible, but I’ll save a space for her moisturizing cousin below.  So I’ve decided to share a new favorite red: Terrybly Velvet Rouge in My Red.  I know I just talked about it in my GwenStefani tutorial on XoVain recently, but this new red has me feeling all the feelings.  It goes on glossy, but it’s sort of matte.  It feels soft on the lips, not dry like other mattes can.  It’s long-lasting and has plant extracts in it to keep the lips hydrated.  I don’t know what sorcery they used to create this unicorn of a lip color, but I really don’t mind if Black Magic is involved.  It’s worth it.  The only con is the price, because, while it’s worth the splurge, I will certainly be buying this for as long as they keep it on the shelves.            
For when my lips feel like garbage:
Listen, winter in NYC has never been kind to the lips.  And for someone who relishes in a long-wearing bold lip, sometimes my kisser needs more than a little TLC.  As I mentioned above, Hourglass Opaque Rougein Icon is one of the 3 best reds I know about on this Earth, but they also make this incredibly luxurious No 28 Lip Treatment Oil that I use to resuscitate my lips during the winter.  It’s a clear formula with 28 essential oils, vitamins, and botanicals to nourish the lips.  Now they’ve read my thoughts and combined the two into a No 28 Treatment Oil in the red shade: Icon.  It’s exactly the same hydrating formula, they just had the good sense to add it in a red shade.  The result is a sheer, glossy, hydrating red that even people who are a little frightened of red can appreciate.      

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