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Dec 11, 2014

When Sephora holiday gifts sets toy with your emotions

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a sucker for a good holiday gift set.  I see a lot of them come across my desk, but I generally only feel compelled to talk about them if I think they're really special.  Sure I might get sucked in to some pretty, sparkly packaging, being the BASIC B*TCH that I am,   but every so often I am floored by the awesomeness of a gift set.  That was the case with these 2 lippy gift sets from Sephora, but for 2 very different reasons.
The first set that I was excited about was this Buxom Lip Gloss Roulette gift set ($59), and the main reason it excited me so was that I've NEVER used one of their lip glosses before.  Never, not once.  It is a rare occasion indeed when I have not tried a brand's products, even some of the most obscure brands you'll find, so it's certainly bizarre that I've never tried a product from a brand this popular. This set of 15 mini glosses (that really aren't even that mini, just a little smaller than the normal size) made me feel a range of emotions.  Sadness that I've never tried them before, excitement at the fabulous range of colors, happiness once I tried them on, nervousness when I felt the plumping tingle (then I relaxed shortly after because I realized it wasn't burning, just a minty-type tingle).  My heart was beating overtime and I'm not scared to admit it.  This is a safe space.        
All 15 colors, just WAITING to be on my lips
My favorite color on the end: Mai Tai
This second set toyed with my emotions as well.  The Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick set ($39) is 9 mini Studded Kiss lipsticks that are, in my opinion, pretty dramatic colors.  This is not the gift for someone who is afraid of makeup.  But anyhoo, the reason I'm so in love with it is for the sheer surprise factor.  It comes in kind of a plain black box, so not something that would normally draw me in like PINK!, or GLITTER!, or SPARKLES!  That's clearly not in the Von D DNA, but if the plain-ish box catches your attention, you'll certainly be psyched at the colors inside.  The adorable minis range from nude (Agatha), to pinks, to reds, to a vibrant purple (Wonderchilde), to an almost-black shade of wine (Motorhead).  I can't decide if the tiny little lipsticks are adorably cute, or cunningly bad-ass, but I'm excited nonetheless.     
Can we talk about this purple shade? 

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  1. i love buxom glosses and hadn't seen this set I must go buy immediately



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