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Dec 14, 2014

Sephora All A Glow Contouring Face Palette

Ok so I should start this post by telling you, as a makeup artist, and a normal non-celeb human that isn't being photo-shopped in pictures, I'm not really down with all this contouring stuff.  I don't think that young girls should be trying to look like Kardashians (or girls of any age for that matter).  If you're not going to a professional photo shoot that's going to be in a top glossy mag, why on earth would you have all that makeup on your face?  What ever happened to letting your natural beauty shine through?  I love makeup that makes you look like YOU, but better.  Stop trying to look like someone else.     
THAT BEING SAID, this Sephora All A Glow Contouring Face Palette ($34) is awesome.  I'm not encouraging folks to go out and contour their face to the nines, I just think this palette has everything.  This is one of those throw-it-in-your-purse (or desk drawer) and you'll never be unprepared for an occasion.  The kit is about 4" tall by 3" wide when folded, and perfectly lightweight, but unfolded it has all the face products one could need.  
There's 3 creamy concealers, 3 powder bronzers, 4 powder blushes, 3 cream blushes, 3 cream highlighters, and 3 powder highlighters.  It's actually a pretty great gift for a makeup junkie like myself if you have one in your life, but I'd say it's something you can buy for yourself if you're always on the go.  It's rare to find all these products in a palette that's so compact, so travel-junkies can rejoice in that.  Personally, I like that there's so many cream products in the kit, because to me, cream products = a natural look (and, as you can probably tell from my intro, I think natural is where it's at).         

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