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Aug 3, 2014

Current Obsession: the Alexa Chung Cat Eye

Ok maybe I shouldn't call it a "current" obsession since it's more of an ongoing one... I've always loved the chic simplicity of this look, but in 2 weddings in the past month I've been asked to give brides or bridesmaids this winged liner look and I'll admit it's inspired me to insert the look into my own makeup repertoire more often.  Fortunately for us, Ms. Chung has made it ridiculously easy to replicate her look.  Not only has she collaborated with makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge, to give us a video on how to create the look (see below), but she also has a collaboration with Eyeko so we can buy the exact products she uses to create her signature cat eye.

Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner 
This product is clearly the centerpiece of the whole look.  This felt tip pen applicator gives the most perfect dose of jet-black liner that stays in place all day.  It's hard to get that wet-look black that Alexa has without having it run, but this formula is completely waterproof.  Bonus: It contains Eyeko's "Widelash" technology to help enhance your lashes while it's making your eyes look stunning.    
Eye Do Mascara
This water-resistant, carbon black mascara also promotes lash growth.  The formula contains Keratin, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamins A&E, and other lash-enhancing botanicals. 
Eyeko Brow Liner
What would a perfect cat eye be without a perfectly-arched brow to frame the face?  This is a liquid brow pen that actually self-adjusts to your brow color.  This formula is also waterproof so no worries about it budging throughout the day.    

For the full video of Lisa Eldridge and Alexa Chung creating the look, see below:

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