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Sep 26, 2010

Salon Ziba

Salon Ziba, just steps from Columbus Circle, is a salon dedicated to giving New Yorkers great hair care at a reasonable price. They were recently given the task of taking a beauty blogger, who is very good at getting her writing done, but not very good at taking care of herself, and making her feel beautiful again. Unfortunately I'm one of those bloggers with oodles and oodles of great products, but very little time to go out and get my hair cut or colored.Colorist Izabela Saboski, who has been a color technician in NYC for 22 years, was given the task of taking my mousy color and making it vibrant. Then after a Kerastase Pixelist treatment, Valou Cohen was given the job of making my dead ends disappear, but not cutting me too short. Here's where I must add that I'm VERY picky about keeping the length of my hair. Something that not all stylists listen to, but Valou made it look fantastic and healthy at the same time.Besides gossiping about the celebs, designers, and models that she's worked on, I discovered Valou has been at Salon Ziba for 13 years. And she's not the only one. The majority of the staff there has been there for several years, which I think speaks volumes of the atmosphere there. A happy staff equals a happy haircut as far as I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my hair, but I think I was the most impressed with the happiness of the staff.
Anyways, back to the hair. Here are some before and after pics, but unfortunately I forgot my camera and had to rely on the good 'ole Iphone.
Before is kind of scary. Did I really go without getting my hair colored for so long?

Here are some pics of the salon. In Manhattan space is hard to come by, but this place is much bigger than I thought at first glance. The first floor is dedicated to quick services like blowouts.

The second floor has the L'oreal color station, and even some spa services like nails and waxing.

To find out more about Salon Ziba, including pricing and services, go to

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