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Sep 26, 2010

René Furterer Vegetal styling line

René Furterer's popular Vegetal styling line will have some new additions come October. A haircare and styling line that was made famous by Furterer's belief that good hair starts with a healthy scalp, this line uses essential oils and plant extracts to nourish hair from the scalp to the ends.New to the Vegetal styling line are the sculpting gel, styling mousse, and finishing spray. Available on in October, these products all contain Vitamin B5 to improve hair's elasticity, and natural Cakile extract. This plant extract was chosen because of its ability to thrive in Mediterranean sand dunes. The Cakile plant is able to resist wind, sea spray, and lack of water, so this was a perfect plant to help hair retain its moisture in hostile weather.

The new products:
Vegetal Finishing Spray ($27)- Sets hair without making it sticky or stiff. Great for soft styles with lots of movements.
Vegetal Sculpting Gel ($23)- Sets hair with a strong hold. Ideal for high control styles. UV filter.
Vegetal Styling Mousse ($23)- Great for blow-drying or curly hair styles. Strong hold. Creates long-lasting hold, body, and bounce.

The existing products we love on the line:
Vegetal Glossing Spray ($23)- UV filters to protect against sun damage. Radiant shine without an oily finish. Does not weigh hair down.
Vegetal Styling Wax ($23)- Great for layered hair styles. Provides hydration, definition, and shine. Warm in between palms and finger through hair for a great tousled look.
Vegetal Modeling Paste ($24)- Gives control for structured looks. With a matte finish, this is great for short hair styles and provides an all-day hold.

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