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Jun 28, 2017

My Favorite Eye Creams For Sensitive Eyes

My eye sensitivities have become a nightmare, frankly.  It's been almost exactly a year since I started tossing my mascaras and replacing them with "non-toxic" versions, but I still seemed to be having problems with my eyes.  Could I be allergic to mascara?  That is a fate that I don't know if my pale, anemic lashes could bear.
In the grand scheme of eye sensitivities, I admit that mine are not THAT bad.  For the most part I'm not getting rashy or swollen eyes, but I have my fair share of itchy, watery annoyances that make my makeup run down my face.  I've had a few instances that I'd call scary where mascaras ran into my eyes and it burned intensely.  I've had to run into bathrooms and scrub the makeup off my face in order to open my eyes again without them burning.  This trend continued, though, even after I'd switched to non-toxic mascaras.  And then I found my current favorite mascara (Lily Lolo's) but was still having problems with itchy eyes.  I couldn't figure out what was going on, when suddenly, thanks to an eye cream I was trying that was super high in concentration in rosemary, I realized I just have good old-fashion sensitive eyes.  Bottom line.  It's not a specific allergy to an ingredient, whether it's a green beauty product or not.  It's just super lame sensitivities to things like essential oils or really active ingredients in the delicate eye area.  SIGH.  While it's nice to have narrowed down my problem and figure out I don't have an allergy to anything, it narrows down the field of what I can use near my eyes quite a bit.
Not one to give up and allow my eye wrinkles to take over my life, I set out on a hunt to find eye creams gentle enough for me, but still getting some good anti-aging ingredients in there.  I've actually found 3 that I'm really loving, that I can wear for very long work days without irritating my eyes in the slightest.

Goldfaden Bright Eyes ($55) 
If I'm being honest, this is my ride-or-die eye cream. It's the perfect size and pump to travel with. I can wear it morning, noon, and night with no sensitivities. It's got hyaluronic acid in there to plump up the fine lines I'm developing around my eyes. Arnica works to soothe and keep dark circles at bay, which is important because, while I'm not genetically prone to dark circles, they can still happen to the best of us. It has soy peptides in there, and red tea to decrease puffiness.

African Botanics Resurrection Eye Cream ($95)
This cream also contains the majesty that is Arnica. It's a little more spendy of an eye cream, but in the world of eye creams it's really a pretty average price. You don't need much of any eye cream, and they're usually packed with anti-aging ingredients, so I don't mind spending this on a product that I know will last months and months.  I will use every last morsel of this jar.  Also, I basically think everything African Botanics does is the Holy Grail. Their Neroli-Infused Marula oil has basically saved my skin, but I digress. Back to the eye cream. It's got peptides for anti-aging, Baobab (one of my fave ingredients that we can probably dedicate an entire blog post to), and Green Rooibos tea to combat puffiness.

Youth To The People Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream ($35) 
YTTP is a super-affordable option in the eye cream arena. The fragrance-free, synthetic color-free, and vegan formula checks off a lot of boxes for me. Aloe and chamomile keep the formula nice and soothing for my eye area, but it's also got anti-aging peptides in it. It's chock-full of various vitamins, as you can imagine since it's a superfood formula with spinach, alfalfa, and kale in it (It contains Vitamins A, C, & E). I got this while I was looking for a more affordable option to travel with, but ended up falling in love with the gentle, yet effective, formula.  

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