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May 19, 2015

Sally Hansen X Cosmopolitan Beachside Astrologer

 In Awesome Collaborations That You Need To Know About news, Sally Hansen's Global Ambassador, Madeline Poole,  has teamed up with Cosmo's Beachside Astrologer to come up with a nail collection based on Astrological signs.  Beachside Astrologer has long been giving us great summer advice on swimsuits to suit our signs, and the books that we'll be reading poolside, but now they're helping us get our nail game on point (and at drugstore prices nonetheless!).  
 For you feisty fire signs (from left to right): Leo in Rio, Cherries To My Aries, and Plumtarius.
 For the ever-thoughtful air signs: Gemincello, Age of Aquarius, and Lady Libra-ty
 For my water signs: Cancer Moon, Scorpio Sizzle, and Pisces of Me
And, last but not least, for the Earth signs: Vir-go-go Pink, Tempting Taurus, and Cup O' Capricorn

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