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Feb 5, 2015

Fresh X Susan Miller Zodiac Oval Soaps

Ok, I'm a total geek about my horoscope, so this collaboration really excites me.  Susan Miller does THE best astrology readings, so it's only natural that she is the one that Fresh would seek out for this collab.  The scents (and the packaging) correspond to your astrological element: fire signs= Mangosteen, water signs= Waterlily, Earth signs= Sugar, and Air signs= Verbena.  But the fun's not over with the packaging, or the actual product.  If you visit the Fresh website, Miller gives each sign a personal horoscope for the year ahead.  I happen to be a Sagittarius, so LOTS of good things happening for me this year, including my favorite activity: travel!  So once Miller gives you your yearly horoscope blurb, she gives personalized Fresh recommendations based on your year ahead.  So for me, Black Tea Age Delay Broad Spectrum SPF20 is a recommend for all the travel I'll be doing.    

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