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Oct 7, 2012

Arch Support

Trends come and go, but the big, bold eyebrow trend that we have been seeing on the runway the last few seasons don't seem to be going anywhere.  A beautifully shaped eyebrow can change your entire face, and really make your eyes pop, but the process can be intimidating to most people.  Generally I recommend you work with your natural eyebrow shape rather than trying to contort it into a completely different shape, and stick to makeup colors that are close to your natural color.  Nothing's worse than seeing someone who drew themselves 2 thick, black eyebrows onto their face.  There are also a bunch of great eyebrow products out there right now to help you give yourself a natural looking brow, that's emphasizing your face rather than overpowering it.    

Perfekt Brow Perfection Gel ($22)
The beauty in most Perfekt products is that they give you a natural look and are incredibly easy to use.  Everyone who's ever picked up a mascara wand can understand how to apply this gel.  I like gels because they adhere to the brow hairs that you already have and give them fullness.  

Votre Vu Arch De Triumphe ($24)
This water-resistant wax formula has Vitamin E to nourish the eyebrow hairs while mineral pigments mimic the natural shade of the hairs.  The formula is easy to apply with an angled brush, which I think everyone needs for brows or for great eyeliner applications.  

Jouer Brow Definer ($20)
Jouer is known for cosmetics that give you a natural look, so this pencil makes the list for its shade selection.  The blonde and the brown shades are that perfect taupe color that you actually find in eyebrows, and even the black is a soft black, rather than a harsh black.  Use this pencil to fill in where eyebrow hair is sparse, using soft, short strokes.  The spoolie on the end of the brush helps to blend the whole thing together.

Hourglass Cosmetics Arch Sculpting Brow Pencil ($32)

Can't decide whether to use a pencil, a gel, or a wax formula?  This brow pencil comes out this month and is sort of a pencil/wax hybrid.  The angled tip means you don't need to buy an angled brush and it has an automatic sharpener, so no need to buy one of those either.

mark. Brow Factor Hook Up clear brow gel ($6.50)
 This is a great item for anyone interested in a great brow.  If you already have great brows and just want to keep them in place all day, this is the tool you need.  This product also works great layered over any of the products listed above so your great brows will last all day.  This is also part of mark.'s Hook Up collection, so you can buy a $1 hook up adapter and make it a double-ended tool.  You can get an eyeliner for the other end, or a mascara, or even a lipgloss for another $6 (making the total tool about $13).  

Benefit's Raising Eyebrows ($16.95) is a great book to have at home to learn to not only emphasize your brows with makeup, but to maintain the shape at home.  It goes into detail about the pros and cons of waxing/threading/tweezing, and is a great visual tool for discovering what brow shape would compliment your face shape.  

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  1. OMG, I needed this after someone mess my eyebrows up. Thank you writing this



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