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Aug 20, 2010

Velecta Paramount Paris x:Q Onyx hairdryer

I covet this hairdryer. Besides the fact that I have developed a school girl crush on beauty products that come from France, the Velecta Paramount Paris x:Q Onyx hairdryer is a dream come true. I usually won't blowdry my hair out of sheer laziness (my arms get sore, I get too hot, it takes too long, it's too loud... you get my drift) but this dryer leaves no excuse for that kind of behavior. Velecta Paramount Paris is France's oldest producer of luxury hairstyling tools, founded in 1936. The company produces quality dryers, studying airflow dynamics that make their dryers faster and quieter. They study the health and well-being issues of hairstylists to produce dryers that are lightweight and ergonomically designed. One result of these studies is the x:Q Onyx dryer that has 2000 watts of power and an 81 MPH airspeed. It has a 60% faster drying time than other professional dryers, but the tourmaline and ceramic components make it so you're not frying your hair. The lightweight ergonomic design makes it easier on the arms and shoulders, and noise pollution has been drastically reduced. So let's arms won't get sore, it won't take as long, and it won't be as noisy? I must have this dryer.

For more details go to The Velecta
Paramount Paris x:Q Onyx can be purchased at selected professional salons and spas in the US as well as through

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