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Aug 21, 2010

Custo Barcelona SS 2011 preview

As we're getting ready for Spring/Summer 2011 fashion week, everyone is anxious to see what surprises the designers will have in store for us. One designer that I love (as you know from my previous articles) is Custo Barcelona for their colors and prints. Spring/summer is usually one of my favorites to watch for all the color that you'll see on the runway, but Custo is in a league of their own when it comes to prints. The line always has a youthful, yet glamorous edge to it. For SS 2011 I've been given a little insight to what we'll be seeing on the runway. The inspiration for the line is "summer festival", which embodies a positive and free-spirited mentality. Think Coachella or Lollapalooza in mentality, but aesthetically more glamorous. The line is comprised of 3 mini-collections:
Custo Everyday- denim is the base component of the daywear collection, which is meant to be mixed with slouchy, boho silhouettes. Comfort is key here, and fabrics include linen and jerseys. Bright Custo prints are seen here, but you also see dusty and nude feminine shades with military-inspired pieces. Open-weave sweaters and scarves are meant to look like holes or macro crochet, which complete the various looks.
Custo Let's Party- dark colors are mixed with beautiful metallics. Lots of gold, bronze, coppers, and rusts. Sand washed and overdyed silks give a vintage feel to some of the pieces. Garment details include shoulder pads, paillettes, and pixelated prints, giving the collection a sexiness for the perfect party outfit.
Lowxury- (low+luxury) an evening wear collection at competitive prices (hallelujah!). A key theme here is movement, whether it comes from fluid chiffon, silk satin pieces, or tops with fringe. Colorful mini-dresses play a big role here, as do sexy skirts and shorts paired back to the fringe tops. Earth tones and khakis are seen here with pops of fuchsia, jade, aquamarine and mauve sparkles.
While previews are a giant tease, I'm really looking forward to seeing this show. For now we'll have to look at these sketches, day-dreaming that we're partying it up somewhere in bright and sexy Custo finery.

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