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Sep 22, 2013

My Fashion Week essentials

Some fashion junkies prep for weeks, even months, buying new clothes for their Fashion Week wardrobe.  I, of course, would rather wear jeans and a T-shirt if it means that I get to splurge on new beauty products for the week.  (Because I really need to use Fashion Week as an excuse to collect more products!)  Unfortunately the week gets pretty busy and doesn't allow for me to spend hours preening in the mirror, so I need to stock up on products that will get me out the door quickly.  This round-up is all about my favorite time-savers (and maybe a few things thrown in for the purpose of maintaining my sanity).    
T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers- because they heat up so quick and I can keep them in my head while I brush my teeth/do my makeup/etc.  It takes less than five minutes for them to heat up and for me to strategically place them around my head, and about 30 seconds to remove once I'm ready to take them out.  
Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid- because I swear these Dr. Jart Ceramidin products are saving my skin.  I recently discovered the Ceramidin Cream, and immediately ran out to buy the liquid.  I've been using this lightweight liquid during the day, and the cream at night.  This liquid lets me get out the door without looking greasy, especially since I'm someone who tends to O.D. on the face lotions.  
Arcona Triad Pads- because sometimes I can't be bothered to wash my face before bed.  I hate admitting it, but it's the truth.  When you're on your feet backstage at fashion shows for 14 hours in a row, sometimes you just want to go home and collapse into bed.  I keep these by my bed in case I have a morsel of energy left to remove my makeup.    
Shu Uemura Touch of Gloss melt-in hair wax- because 2nd day hair is everything, and this stuff makes 1st day hair look like 2nd day hair.  It gives me just the right amount of piecey-ness and texture.  You can totally use this for smooth, silky looking hair as well, but I'm all about the cool texture these days.  After my hot rollers come out, I use just the smallest amount of this and rake it through the ends of my hair for texture, without looking too dry.   
Glo Science Glo Solo -because yes you can whiten your teeth in about the amount of time it takes to put makeup on.  So why the hell not?  Bonus points for the fact that these don't hurt my teeth.  My teeth are pretty darn sensitive to various methods of whitening, but Glo products don't hurt me at all.     
Cowshed Travel Candles-because my sanity needs to remain intact.  Even if it means burning these bad boys in the bathroom while I'm getting ready for a few minutes in the morning.  Though Cowshed makes a bunch of fun candle fragrances, I go for Grumpy Cow during high stress times because the blend of essential oils (my favorite being the Grapefruit essential oil that's in here) lifts my mood tremendously.      

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