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Jul 4, 2012

Red, white, and blue?

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Ok, ok, maybe it's pink, white, and blue.  So sue me.

Let's talk about the new Bliss fatgirlsixpack ($38), shall we?  This product just launched exclusively at Sephora and I'll admit that I'm excited about it.  With an upcoming trip to Miami, and my annual girls' trip to Virginia Beach shortly after that, the thought of frolicking around in my bikini is petrifying.  Though nothing is a substitute for healthy diet and exercise, boosting the skin's elasticity on the outside is helpful when you're trying to show off a toned tummy.  My totally-intense yoga teacher (who sorta reminds me of the yoga teacher in that Couples Retreat movie) would probably not appreciate me trying to shortcut a strong core, but it's less about short-cutting and more about paying attention to skin that we usually ignore during the colder months.
Fatgirlsixpack has a bumpy, massaging applicator that you just push onto the stomach and it releases a cooling menthol gel.  This gel formula contains caffeine to help with bloating and Creatine to with your cell's energy release-system.  It also contains Oat Kernel Extract, Manilkara Tree Extract, and other botanical extracts for firmer skin.  The cooling menthol feels great on the skin, and you rub the massaging bumps all over your stomach... so the WORST that could happen is that you're giving yourself a little tummy massage.  Best case scenario?  Firmer stomach skin.  I can't lose.  

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