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Jul 21, 2012

Poko Pano SS2013 collection

 So far Poko Pano has been one of my fave shows since we got to Miami.  I don't know if it was just the beauty junkie in me that made me fall so in love with the collection, because these models had the most amazing glowy skin I've ever seen... Don't worry, I will be providing the scoop on that soon.  But the swimsuits were SO special.  Still wearable though, which I feel like is a hard combo to achieve.  A lot of times when you get these special suits you feel (Or I feel anyways) like you can't get them wet or wouldn't wear them to an actual beach.  Only on a yacht off the south coast of France.  But these pieces just scream BUY ME.  WEAR ME!  TAKE ME, I'M YOURS.  (These voices in my head, mind you, are the same ones that told me I needed to buy 6 new outfits for a 2 day trip, but I digress).    

This model was almost supernatural walking down the runway.  It was hard to get a good pic of her (maybe she really was a ghost?!?) but this was a satin jumpsuit with a soda tab chainmail belt.   

 The retro high-waisted bottom is back, as promised.  This time with a soda tab chainmail bandeau.    

 Your eyes are not playing tricks on you from the lighting.  This is indeed a high-gloss finish to the bathing suit.  Just like the orange bandeau at the top of the page! 
 I mean WHAT IS THIS GLOWY SKIN?  I can't get over it.  

The verdict?  Chic and totally wearable.  These are envy-worthy swimsuits.

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