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Jul 21, 2012

Nicolita SS2013 collection

The atmosphere at Nicolita was beyond fun.  Probably just because of the nature of the brand (sexy and fun) but maybe because this go-round they were collaborating with Christina Milian on the collection.  Regardless of the reason we can all agree that the bikinis were for the glamorous girl, the retro ponytails were adorable, and it even looks like the models were having a blast!  Kind of refreshing compared to the oh-so-serious face.    

I was totally crushing on this girl.  She was curvy, her skin was that perfect bronzey tone, and she was working that runway (she kind of reminded me of Chloe Kardashian... maybe the ombre hair?). 

(Um... check those abs.  Maybe I should be looking for the gym in the hotel instead of furiously typing away...)
Love the rope detail on the pink bikini bottom here.  
Retro-glam is where it's at.  
 A little man candy.  You're welcome!

Designer Nicole Di Rocco does her final walk with Christina Milian.

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