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Jun 25, 2012

Game changer: Shu Uemura Aft Of Hair Volume Maker

Let's be honest, when does Shu Uemura come out with a hair product that is NOT a game changer?  The answer is never.  Everything the man comes out with is ridiculously amazing, but I'm so excited about the new Volume Maker precision hair powder brush ($48).

I think anybody who knows about Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray will love this, as will anybody who currently uses dry shampoo for volume.  Ok, let's be serious, who DOESN'T want volume in the form of an invisible, lightweight powder that fits in even the smallest of clutch purses?  This product is sort of hard to describe because it's so much more than just a volumizer.  It's truly invisible, so no worrying about the white dust that comes in dry shampoo form, and obviously it can give MEGA volume with just the tiniest amount of powder, but it can also be a refresher tool to revive your style mid-day.  If you ever get that little ponytail line from having your hair up 1/2 the day you can actually brush a bit of this through and use your fingers to get rid of that pony line.  This is also a fabulous texturizing styling tool for up-do's, braids (especially cool, messy fishtail braids), or beachy waves.  For guys who are rocking spiky or pompadour-esque styles, this can be your best friend because it provides the texture you need at the roots, but is still virtually undetectable if a romantic interest is running their hands through your 'do.  The makeup brush-inspired tool has a push-button dispense system, where you simply push out a little bit of powder around the area that you want volume/texture, and then brush that area with the bristles, much in the way you would blend a blush or a bronzer on your face.  It really is a miracle styler!

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