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Sep 14, 2015

Beauty By Benz Approved: Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer

I've been waiting a little while to post my feelings about this Marc Jacobs Coconut Face Primer.  I didn't want to fall into the hype surrounding it.  Especially at $44.  I really wanted to make sure it was worth it before posting.  And it is.  I love this stuff so much, I wear it most days, even if I'm not wearing any foundation or tinted moisturizer over it.  I know that's weird to wear a primer without makeup over it, but it's got great skincare benefits, and I like the finish it gives me.  I have combination skin most of the time, erring a little more on the side of dry, especially in the winter months.  In the summer months I'm a greasy, sweaty mess, just like any other New Yorker that is forced to take mass transit every day.  I've been wearing this stuff most of the summer and I haven't felt greasy AT ALL.  I'd call it a demi-matte finish, because my skin still feels moisturized and healthy, but not shiny or greasy.  It's formulated with 5 different forms of young coconut, using the water, the meat, and the oil from the coconut, but it doesn't SMELL.  Which is amazing, since it's on your face and that would be a little too much to have to smell all day.  It's shockingly void of coconut smell, which I love.    
One pump is enough for your whole face, so the bottle should last a while, even if you're like me and using it every day.  I'd give this guy a big thumbs up if you like your face to feel clean and not full of heavy product.  You don't get that synthetic feeling like you get with some other primers (not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that!), but a natural feel on your skin.     

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