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Jul 17, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Friends, Christmas in July is here.  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here and that means I will be stocking up on oodles of beauty goodies at amazing prices.  It's hard to decide what I love most.  The exclusive value sets?  The JUMBO size products?  I'm not sure which direction I'm going to go with this, but I know my wallet won't be too happy with me.  Here's just a tiny little snippet of the values you can find during the sale.    
The Clarisonic Smart Profile Pink Face & Body Brush $212 ($265 value).  This is the only place I think you can get a pink one, folks.  Also, this thing is smarter than I am.  

Kate Somerville Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Set $110 ($165 value).  I've had a tub of the Age Arrest Eye Cream for about a year now, because it lasts such a long time.  I love it, and feel like this set is the perfect excuse to try to the Anti-Wrinkle Cream as well.  

The Kiehl's sets.  Oy.  I mean, how can you pick just one?  I am really enjoying their Home & Away sets though, with a giant vat of lotion (or hair product, whatever floats your boat) and then a mini nugget to take away with you when you travel.  Or just keep in your desk at work.  This Créme de Corps set is $75 ($107 value).  

 Listen, all you need to know is that this LORAC eye palette is $15.  You're welcome.

 MAC always does some pretty amazing gift sets for this sale, and just when I thought I might be tapped out on palettes, they did this Look In A Box Face Kit for $49.50 ($113 value) that has 6 shadows, 2 blushes, and 2 lipsticks.
 This Mario Badescu Glowing Complexion Kit is making me seriously consider my skincare game.  It's $39 for 2 pretty sizable/heavy skincare necessities.
Ever the sucker for pretty packaging, I feel like I MUST HAVE this Lip Pencil Set for $49 ($82 value).  But it's not just what's on the outside that counts, as we all know.  NARS pretty much makes the best lip pencils around.  

I already own these 2 items in my life, but I couldn't NOT tell you about this, because the value is so good.  T3 is my absolute favorite (and exclusive) hot tools that I use on my hair.  They are expensive but they are worth it, so getting a value deal like this is share-worthy.  The set is $150 ($229 value) and includes a Featherweight Travel Blow Dryer and a travel Single Pass Iron.

I'm having a serious I-need-to-get-this situation here with the Burberry Beauty exclusive that they have for the sale.  It's $78, but a $110 value.  It comes with this cute little Burberry pouch, and has a fragrance sample (My Burberry), a Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Pink, a Bold Lash Mascara in black, and a Fresh Glow Nude Radiance, which is a delicious luminizing face product/primer that I feel like I really must get for my arsenal.


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