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Sep 1, 2014

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate

Following the popularity of Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate facial serum from Ahava, the brand has decided to bless us with concentrates for the eyes and the body.  Now you can legitimately enjoy the benefits of their proprietary Osmoter concentrates from head to toe.  

AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter™ Body Concentrate Tone & Texture Correcting Serum ($45)
Now I'm not really the type of person that believes in a miracle cream that can make you have the body of a Victoria's Secret model, but I DO believe that there are ingredients out there that are effective in treating #realwomanproblems.  This stuff won't make ridiculous claims that your thighs will be magically slimmer after using it, but what it will do is help reduce/reverse the signs of dark spots and aging in the skin.  The skin will indeed feel smoother and have a more youthful, even-toned appearance, and that is a fact.  It works because it has ingredients that we know diminish the signs of aging.  Dull, lifeless skin is no match for ingredients like Argan oil, Monoi oil, Vitamin C, Brown Algae Extract, and AHA.  Best of all, it comes in a super lightweight serum that won't have you feeling greasy or sticky throughout the day.  I tend to abandon my body creams easily because they're so thick and the smell is usually cloying, especially in summer months, but this product is something I can see myself using year round. 

AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter™ Eye Concentrate Youth & Cellular Energizing Serum ($50)
Again, I can't say there is a miracle cream out there, but if you find something that helps your particular symptoms, then good for you.  This eye concentrate actually helps mine!  I'm one who suffers from a puffiness situation due to stress/lack of sleep/dehydration/the sins of wild nights out.  Ok maybe not that last one because I'm an old lady, but the puffiness is real people.  Cucumber and Aloe Vera are probably the ingredients in the formula that work so well for me because they're known to be super helpful with puffiness and irritation.  There is also Bird of Paradise Extract to help with discoloration under the eye and restore luminosity.  Dark circles aren't really something I suffer from, but it can't hurt to use something targets that, right?  There is also silk extracts, and the extract of some flower I can't pronounce (Siegesbeckia Orientalis) to help fight the signs of stress on the skin.  

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