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Jul 1, 2014

Beauty By Benz Approved: Kate Somerville IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream

Let me tell ya, my 30’s have been interesting thus far.  While I’m still in the low-3o’s, I’m quickly discovering that those who came before me were not lying about the signs of aging.  The slowing of the metabolism, the sagging of skin, and, my favorite, undereye bags.  I don’t think I had every used a concealer before I turned 30, unless you count the occasional hickey in college.  (Just kidding mom and dad!).  Basically the minute that I turned 30 I got a verbal spanking from a makeup artist about the fact that I hadn’t been using undereye cream, and it wasn’t long after that when I started noticing I probably needed to put a little concealer under there.  Fast forward to now where my undereye routine is nothing short of Picasso-worthy.  Always looking for an easy way to cover up, brighten, and moisturize, without spending all my hard-earned cash, I’ve recently discovered this time-saving Kate Somerville formula.  The IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream ($42) is your eye cream and your concealer/brightener in one simple step.  I’m kind of already hooked on a Kate Somerville eye cream, so I know it’s good stuff, but the fact that this is a concealer as well just blows all others out of the water.  Warning: if you’re the type that likes really full coverage, I don’t know if this is for you.  The thing I like about it is that the formula is so wonderfully lightweight.  You don’t feel like you’re wearing caked-on makeup under your eyes.  But don’t be fooled because of its lightness, because it has a ton of anti-aging ingredients in it.   There is an anti-aging Peptide Complex to support collagen production, a Ceramide complex to reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barriers, Hyaluronic Microsponge Technology to pump some life into those wrinkled areas, and, finally, a “Diamond Complex” for a diffused, soft-focus undereye effect.  Basically it’s like combining all your favorite products into one.  That old twist-pen undereye brightener that you’ve been using for years?  Check.  Your standard concealer?  Check.  Nourishing undereye cream with all the skincare benefits you can possibly want?  Done and done.  It’s safe to say I’m pretty impressed with the stuff.  Looks like my usual Kate Somerville eye cream is going to have to move to nighttime use only, because the IllumiKate will definitely be my morning go-to.  

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  1. I can attest to Kate Somerville products. They really do produce instant result and I am always satisfied. Next on my list is IllumiKate Concealing Eye Cream. Thanks for the review.



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