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Mar 18, 2014

Best of blushes

In my book, blush is the most highly underrated makeup product out there.  People are so reluctant to amp up their blush game and I'll never understand why.  A subtle flush on the cheeks is a sign of health, youth, and vibrance, so why wouldn't you want to fake a healthy glow?  Maybe people are scared of overdoing it, which is totally understandable.  The blush technology we have today makes wearing blush, without looking like a clown, possible.  The best formulas are lightweight, long-wearing, and make one look downright gorgeous.  Here are a few of my current faves:
Like all products by MUFE, this blush is technologically advanced, but easy for us dummies to use.  The whole MUFE line was made for makeup artists, and then, like a gift from Heaven, made available to any consumer who walked into a Sephora.  (I happen to be a makeup artist, and I think it's an amazing blessing that a line like this is available to the public).  This product is made for the world of HD that we now live in, which means that if it's good enough to be used on celebs that are in front of the camera, it's good enough for you to wear to work in your cubicle where nobody sees you.  It gives a flawless, airbrushed finish that blends seamlessly into your skin.  I won't get into all the technology behind it (mother-of-pearl particles, high-quality pigments, etc), but I will tell you that it's super easy to apply using your finger, any of those amazing beauty sponges that are out right now, or one of the MUFE Artisan brushes.  This is a company that believes in carrying shades for ALL skin tones, so there are 16 shades, from nude to full on vamp.  There's no doubt you can find the perfect shade for your skin tone.    
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
This stuff contains all the things that are cool about Ambient Lighting Powder, with all the things that are cool about blush, and all the things that are cool about makeup technology today.  This powder is made so that no 2 look exactly alike, and you get the perfect balance of color from the blush, and finishing powder from the Ambient Lighting Powder that's mixed in. These blushes are airy, lightweight, super blendable, and super buildable.  You can get as light or as intense as you want with it, but it will never feel heavy or cakey on your skin.  It's great for any skin type, not tested on animals, and free of any harsh or irritating ingredients.  You can always count on Hourglass to delivery high-quality, trustworthy ingredients to use on your skin.
Jouer Tint 
Jouer products are a go-to if you want to wear makeup, but don't want to look overdone.  These cream blushes are all in sheer shades, so even if you get one of the more vibrant colors you can still get just a subtle wash or color, or layer on the color for more impact.  They're super portable (did you know all Jouer products click together so you can basically build your own travel kit?) and can be applied to the lips or cheeks with just your finger, so essentially they're the perfect thing to just throw in your purse and go.  I happen to carry the Bare shade in my purse at all times, along with one of their delicious, creamy highlighters, just in case anything fun might happen after work.  

Becca Beach Tint
I know I've talked about this stuff before, but no blush list would be complete without it.  It's one of my all time favorites.  It comes in the tiniest little tube because you only need a tiny in smaller than a pea-sized drop will do your lips and cheeks.  It's a highly concentrated cream that feels and smells amazing on your skin, giving you such a natural finish that people will question if you're wearing anything.  This is another one that I happen to carry in my purse at all times, because the Watermelon shade happens to be the perfect lip color for me, but, again, you would never know I'm wearing something on my lips.  I just dab it on there with my fingers and you would think I just have the most kissable, rosy lips on the Eastern seaboard, when in fact my lips are naturally super pale.  On the cheeks it blends flawlessly into your skin, while on the lips it's totally matte and diffused.  I pretty much can't live without this product, and I can't stop writing about it!     

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