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Feb 27, 2014

JINsoon Color Field Collection

From left to right: Kookie White, Cherry Berry, Dolly Pink, Cool Blue, Pop Orange, Polka White and Polka Black

The JINsoon Spring 2014 collection is here!  Nail color junkies can rejoice now that the highly-pigmented, vibrant, mood-lightening collection is on the shelves.  An ode to the 50's, this collection was inspired by all the major pop culture from that decade.  Rock became a thing (thankfully!)... girls wore polka dots and poodle skirts... and an abstract painting movement called Color Field came about.  Jin Soon Choi, always feeling drawn to the art of that time period, decided to create a collection that would invoke the spirit of that time period, while still being modern.  The collection includes five solid colors, and 2 "toppings".
Kookie White- a greyish, bluish white, that will totally change how you've felt about white nail polish in the past.  
Cherry Berry- I mean, the name says it all.  It's the most perfect berry shade!  
Cool Blue- a clean, fresh, cerulean blue 
Pop Orange- 'nuff said 
Dolly Pink- a perfect blush pink for the springtime (see the awesome nail art that you can do with this shade) 
The collection also includes 2 Nail Polish Toppings, which can be worn on their own or over other polish colors.  
Polka White- a topping of white flecks that remind me of falling snow flakes 
Polka Black- a topping of black flecks that feels almost like a lace pattern on the nail
Check out some nail art ideas below, courtesy of JINsoon:

Cherry Berry with Kookie White

Cool Blue with Kookie White

Cool Blue with Polka White Topping

Kookie White with Polka Black Topping

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