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Jan 13, 2013

Get the look: Megan Hilty at the 2013 Golden Globes

Who: Megan Hilty
What: 2013 Golden Globes
Makeup: Coleen Campbell-Olwell
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-Coleen prepped Megan's clean skin with Votre Vu Attentive Serum Delicat Pour Le Visage, followed with the Votre Vu Attentive Crème Du Jour.
-For fresh-looking skin, she used Votre Vu Love Me Deux Moisture Tint and Concealer in Champagne on Megan's skin.  
-Votre Vu Vu-On Rouge in Ma Cherry was used on Megan's cheeks, followed by a light dusting of the peachy/pink blush from Votre Vu’s Beaute en Bronze. 
-Next she applied the bronzer from Beaute en Bronze around the face for warmth and contour.  
-Next she used the Votre Vu Belle Poudre in Medium to set the look.  
-On the eyes Coleen lined the top of the eyes with Votre Vu’s Le Joli Crayon in Aubergine, and blended for a smokey effect.  
-Next she used Le Joli Crayon in Charbon to add more depth.  
-On the lids she used a trio of smokey brown shadows from Dior for a soft, smokey look, followed by Votre Vu’s Eiffel Power mascara. 
-For a more defined arch, Coleen used Votre Vu’s Arch de Triumphe in Fair.  
-To finish off the look, she used Votre Vu Vu-On Rouge in Bouquet Rose as a base for Megan's lips, and then layered a soft gloss over it to emphasize the color.  

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