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Oct 25, 2010 is giving away Gucci! is giving away the Gucci Heritage handbag, Gucci cosmetics case, & Gucci wallet. That's 3 Gucci products valued at approximately $2500 total.
My Daily is having a contest about making your life less cluttered, that’s why they’re searching for the nation’s messiest purse. All you have to do to win some fab Gucci is send in a photo of your messiest bag & everything in it; receipts, make up, phone, keys. (You've all had sneak peaks in to my ridiculous makeup bags, so you know I'm entering. Who couldn't use some new Gucci?) Then tell all your friends & family to vote for your photo. The MyDaily team also votes, and combined with the votes you get from friends and family, it will determine who is the messiest & who needs new Gucci to help get organized.
The contest started on Thursday and is going to November 21st. The winner will be chosen on November 23rd... conveniently 2 days before my birthday! I can't wait to enter this contest, and to show all my dedicated readers exactly what a day in the life of my purse looks like.
Enter the contest HERE.

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