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Oct 16, 2010

Adventures in Curly-sitting at Hair Rules Salon in NYC

I walked in to Hair Rules salon in NYC on Thursday night expecting to learn about their new line of blowdry styling products, but came out with so much more knowledge about my curls than I could have ever dreamt of. Having seen Hair Rules products in stores where I go for my curly girl items, I'd been curious about them, but I certainly had never stepped foot in their spacious Ninth Avenue salon. The night started out as usual for me; hanging out with a bunch of fab blogger girls talking about products, men, celebs, and life in general. But when we were discussing Hair Rules new line of blowdry products (review of that will have to come later) I decided to open up my big mouth and say that I had never walked out of a salon with a curlyblowout I had liked. 'Tis a sad fact, but it's true. Nobody has ever blown my hair out curly at a salon and given me the full, bouncy curls that I deserve. This comment was not even a challenge for salon owner and genius behind the Hair Rules brand, Dickey. Dickey's celeb clientele include curly girls like Minnie Driver and Kelis, so my tresses were easily manipulated in his experienced hands. So while I didn't pay attention to the straightening products, here's what I learned about Hair Rules and about my own curls.
Dickey washed my hair with Hair Rules daily cleansing cream (from $9.50-$32), a no suds shampoo packed with nutrients like awapuhi and honey. Then he followed up with their Quench ultra rich conditioner for moisture ($9.50-$36). For styling Dickey used Wavy Mousse on my hair ($9.50-$20), a lightweight foaming formula that prevents frizz but doesn't weigh hair down with harsh silicones.

It was super lightweight and you can use A TON without hair getting flakey or heavy. He gave me a bottle of the Wavy Mousse to take home and told me it was all I needed to make my waves look great. Next the team blew my hair dry with a diffuser, careful not to scrunch my curls, which was how I previously thought I was supposed to emphasize the curl. Since my curl is more wavy and less of a spiral, and Hair Rules believes in emphasizing each gal's natural texture, they simply rested my hair on the diffuser without manipulating it into a shape that is against its nature. This whole team of stylists, and the whole styling line, follows this belief that every hair texture is different, and should be treated as such. That's why there are products for waves, for curls, and for kinks.

Here I am, happy as a clam, when I saw how he emphasized the natural shape of my wave by just using one styling product and a diffuser. I couldn't believe the body or the shape of my curls. I had never seen them look like that before.

To learn more about Hair Rules salon or hair care products, visit their website at
You can also find their products in stores such as Ricky's or


  1. Love your hair! Dickey is the truth!!!

  2. I have tightly coily hair. It would be really interesting to see if Mr. Dickey's magic and products would make my hair look good.



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