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Sep 12, 2010

Custo Barcelona Spring/Summer 2011- New York Fashion Week

I literally just said to another blogger "I feel like it's not even Spring/Summer fashion week, because I haven't seen much color, and I haven't seen a single bathing suit yet", and then came Custo Barcelona. I felt like I was at Woodstock (not that I'm old enough to have been at the REAL Woodstock) with this collection. It was definitely music festival-inspired clothing, whether it's clothes to wear when you're at the concerts or whether you're going out after. Highlights of the show are always Custo's layering pieces, like his reversible jackets. There were a lot of long sweater vests as layering pieces as well. These proportions were played with quite a bit; the long vest over the short-short or even as a bathing suit cover-up.
Photos courtesy of Custo Barcelona.

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