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Sep 16, 2010

Argentine Group Show SS2011

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Argentine Group Show was a collection of looks from 7 different designers: La Dolfina, Laura Valenzuela, Evangelina Bomparola, Marcelo Senra, Maria Pryor, and Pablo Ramirez.
La Dolfina was all riding gear. Leather, riding hats, riding boots.

Laura Valenzuela was fun. The models were all like creatures from the forest; little nymphs and fairies emerging from the ground with these outfits on.

Evangelina Bomparola's evening wear.

Marcelo Senra's tribal princess look was very cool.

Maria Pryor. Another chain mail piece! Obviously I need to get some chain mail for spring after seeing it the hoodies at Temperley and the vest at this show.

Pablo Ramirez's top-hatted pilgrims.Photography by Bonita's World.

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