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Jul 6, 2013

Sometimes I get my hair cut in Times Square

Yep, you read that right.  I got my hair cut in Times Square.  Don't be fooled though, I'm not THAT spontaneous when it comes to my hair.  In fact, I'm really picky about who touches my hair.  I didn't just walk into Sephora Times Square that day hoping to get a haircut, I happened to be informed that Ward Stegerhoek, one of the Living Proof founders, was going to be there that day looking for hair models will to try some of their newer products.  I like to keep up-to-date with all Living Proof's new products because it's a brand I truly believe in, but I figured that I could learn some new tips and tricks about their products, straight from the source.  I'd recently learned that they were launching their Satin hair serum, but had yet to play with the silicone-free serum.  What I did NOT know, was how their other product, Amp ($24), was going to become a necessity for my hair.      
Take a look at the limp scenario I was working with before the cut:

Yikes!  I didn't realize quite how badly I needed a haircut before seeing these pics.  
Ward and I, mid-cut.  
The finished product

Ward used nothing in my hair while cutting.  We prepped my hair with Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner, but nothing else.  

After my hair was cut, Ward applied a tiny amount of Amp to my damp hair.  I mean, a teeny-tiny amount.  I really didn't expect it to do that much, but.... 

Holy volume!  After applying a small amount of Amp to my damp hair, he blasted it with a blowdryer, and that was basically it.  He used another tiny bit of Amp on the ends once the hair was dry to make it all messy and piecey, but no other products were used.  I'm officially obsessed.  I took a few minutes of Ward's time to find out about this amazing product, and here's what I learned: 

-The stiff resins used in most volumizing products, besides Living Proof's, can easily break, so the blow-out or style that you worked so hard on doesn’t stand a chance against everyday forces like wind, humidity, and touch. 
-Many styling products have heavy ingredients, like silicone, that weigh hair down and attract dirt, so hair needs to be washed and styled constantly, damaging the hair.  
-Amp is different because it relies on Meta-Volume TechnologyTM, a revolutionary complex of polymers containing PBAE.  PBAE is a Living Proof-patented technology that deposits microscopic thickening dots to build up space and texture between hair strands transforming them to act like thick hair strands. 
-The Living Proof technology of PBAE is so flexible and re-formable, hair is never stiff or frozen, only touchable and movable, unlike the resins used in other products.  

-Amp can be revived using fingertips or a brush on the second day.  No additional product is needed. 
-Amp is great for short to shoulder length cuts with layers, but can be used anyone wanting more volume, texture, and definition. 
-Like all Living Proof products, it's safe for colored or chemically treated hair. 
-Amp is even more effective when layered with Living Proof’s other products, like Frizz, Full, Straight, Restore, and Prime.

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  1. Your skin is glowing. I love the new cut too.



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