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Jul 6, 2013

Bliss Firm, Baby, Firm total eye system

Bliss has the remarkable ability to make skincare fun for us, rather than annoying and time-consuming like it can be with some other brands.  We can rely on them for kitschy names, vibrant packaging, and great smelling, efficacious products.  Now they've upped the ante by giving us a new way to think about eye cream.  When you think "eye cream", you're probably actually thinking "under eye cream" but Bliss has come out with a system for the entire eye area.  

Firm, Baby, Firm total eye system ($68) is a dual-ended treatment with a gel for the upper eye, and a cream for the under eye area.  I love the cool, gel texture of the upper lid gel, which targets sagging lids and brows (who would've even thought about that?!) with their special blend; Instalift Goji.  The under-eye cream features their Actiflow Technology, which is meant to increase circulation to diminish the look of dark circles, as well as fill in fine lines and wrinkles.  Both the upper lid and the under-eye formula contain gardenia stem cells to boost collagen production for firmer, lifted eyes, both now and for the long-run.  
The base of both formulas is aloe, meaning it's incredibly soothing to even the most sensitive skin.  Do yourself a favor and look at the ingredient list of the current eye cream that you're using.  I'm willing to be that the first ingredient on the list is water.  Are you paying all that money for a watery eye cream?  The first ingredient listed on this product is the aloe, so you know that it's potent and not watered down.  It also contains lavender for more soothing properties, as well as phyto-retinoids (aka, plant-based forms of vitamin A to deeply penetrate the layers of skin).  
You don't have to know all the science behind Bliss products to know that they work well, but I happen to think that this trusted company has hit another home run with this new total eye system.                

Available at bliss spas,, and sephora.  

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