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Mar 24, 2013

Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine

I am just going to start by saying that I don't think my words will do this beautiful fragrance justice.  Not that I can't paint a nice picture for you, friends, it's just that I think it's THAT GOOD.  Clearly fragrance is very personal, and opinions very greatly on the matter.  I happen to like very clean, light fragrances, rather than dark, musky scents.  And how does one make a fragrance pop out on the page?  You certainly can't smell this via my words.  All I can do is tell you my experience with Thymes new Temple Tree Jasmine scent, which just happens to be a fantastic one.  This is a fragrance that embodies the word ethereal to me.  It's so soft and light.  Certainly not offensive or cloying.  It's floral, but not aggressively floral.  It's ever-so-slightly sweet, but there's still something fresh and clean about it.  But my favorite part about it isn't necessarily that it smells so amazing, but also that I feel the body care products are so nourishing.  My experience with scented body washes tends to be a dry, flaky one, but not with this particular fragrance.  Maybe it's the coconut milk in the fragrance, but I feel moisturized after my shower, like I don't even need the Body Lotion after (even though I still use it).  My skin feels healthier after having used it, but it's so light that I don't feel like I have a layer of thick goop on my skin either.      
Enough about me, though.  Let me tell you exactly WHY this fragrance smells so good.  The fragrance includes Madonna lily extract, Monoi butter, Temple Tree blossoms, Jasmine Sambac, ylang ylang, damask rose, coconut milk, and honeysuckle.  If you're familiar with some of these ingredients, then you already know that this fragrance is quite soothing (mentally and physically).  
The collection ranges from $5 to $33, so it's definitely affordable.  
Choose from the Bar Soap, Bath Salt Envelope, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, a Candle, Cologne, Hand Cream, Hand Lotion, Hand Wash, Home Fragrance Mist, or the Sink Set.  
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