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May 15, 2012

Naya Rivera's makeup artist for May's Latina magazine cover spills her secrets

Naya Rivera.  What CAN'T we say about her?  She's a Glee superstar, Proactiv spokeswoman, and now she's on the cover of the May issue of Latina magazine.  She's definitely more than a triple-threat, because that only encompasses the dancing/singing/acting, not the modeling/spokesperson/hottie that she is.  Am I developing another girl crush?  The list is starting to get pretty long...(Don't tell Emma Stone, Kate Lanphear, Gwen Stefani, and Nicole Richie that I'm cheating on them.  Thanks).

Behind every hot celeb magazine cover is a makeup artist that can teach us their tips and tricks. I got the opportunity to chat with Jo Baker, who did Naya's look for the May Latina cover.  Check out what Jo had to say about perfecting a red lip, what you need to be carrying in your makeup bag, and even tips for aspiring makeup artists.

1. How did you create Naya's bold-lip look for the cover of Latina Magazine?
When applying a strong lip color, it’s important that the lips are smooth and hydrated to start. I used some of the remaining product from the foundation brush around her lip line, followed by a light gentle dusting of Makeup Forever HD Loose Powder, this allowed me to steadily build Naya's bold lip color and shape without the lipstick smearing. This kept her lips set and sharp all day.

2. Naya is a beautiful girl, and you've worked with some amazing talent, but what advice would you give everyday women about their morning makeup routines? 
Tissues, cotton buds and sponges are vital tools to keep on hand at home and on the go. They are your faithful heroes standing by, waiting to clean up any  little mistake.

3. How often do you think women REALLY need to clean their makeup brushes?
Once a week is realistic for the average busy woman. Make it part of your weekly routine to give all your brushes a good clean on a Sunday night.  I would like to say clean them after each use because it’s the only way to keep your skin and products from harboring bacteria, but I know people often don’t have the time or patience to fit it in.

4. What is the one makeup item you can't live without?
Eyelash curlers

5. What advice would you give any aspiring makeup artists as they start their careers?
Research- look in magazines and on the internet to find the makeup artists that inspire you, reach out to their agencies/reps and offer to assist the people who you would dream to learn from.  Don’t expect to always get paid, what you can learn from the pro's on set is invaluable training.

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