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Apr 21, 2012

Hair Rules is helping women throughout the country to embrace their natural texture

Deva Curl.
Keratin Treatments.
Hair Rules.
What do these 4 names have in common besides the fact that they all have to do with hair? For various reasons (some good, some bad) these 4 things have totally changed the way I TREAT my hair.  My hair is far healthier, silkier, and shinier than it has been in years, and all because these things/people/places/treatments have made me start reading the backs of my bottles to rule out the nasty products.  I'm no longer victim to silicones, sodium chloride, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals that I used to put on my head.
Hair Rules in particular, if you've been reading this blog for a while you already know this, helped me to embrace my natural texture.  Most mornings these days I'm able to go out of my house without the aid of hot tools because I know how to style and care for my subtle waves.  I had the opportunity to have the legendary founder of Hair Rules, Dickey, personally style my hair and show me that I had cool zig-zaggy waves rather than the spirals I was trying to achieve.  Because at Hair Rules it's not just about one hair type or one curl pattern, it's about healthy hair habits for all textures.  
But what about the women throughout the country that don't have access to Dickey's salon?  Well they've just announced that Hair Rules products will now be available in select Target and Walgreens stores!  Now women all over can get this salon-developed product without having to travel to NYC.  Even though I think it's the greatest city on Earth, I realize that the hair out there is thirsty for the quenching properties of Hair Rules products, so I'm very excited about this expansion of their line.

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