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Apr 22, 2012

Living Proof's Restore line has expanded

Remember when you were a virgin in high school or college (or maybe even now for some of you?), and you were so anxious to NOT be anymore?  Hair, on the other hand, is at its best when it's of virgin quality and many of us wish we could revert back to that time.  When our hair had its V-card, it was shiny, bouncy, and strong.  Now our hair is like a slutty version of itself; damaged by hot tools, coloring, and other environmental stressors.
Living Proof had already given us a solution to the whole hair mess with its Restore line of shampoos and conditioners, which makes hair healthier and stronger, mimicking a time when we hadn't damaged it.  Where other lines claim to mend split ends with the use of heavy silicones that don't actually repair the hair shaft, Restore uses the MIT-developed PolyFlouroEster molecule to smooth and heal the hair cuticle and make it more resistant to future breakage.
Now they've added new products to this line to give you instant results, and 24 hours of restorative, protective benefits.
Restore Targeted Repair Cream ($26)- an ultra lightweight, fresh smelling leave-in cream that provides UV protection and moisturizing ingredients all day.  Since it's so lightweight you can reapply without feeling like hair is being weighed down or like hair is getting greasy.

Restore Revitalizing Spray with Heat & UV Defense ($26)- a fine spray that can be applied to hair before heat styling or sun exposure to protect the hair shaft and add shine.  This spray forms a weightless shield around the cuticle (again, without the use of heavy silicones) to hold in the moisture and keep out the heat damage.  It's great to use on wet hair before blowdrying, or as a finishing spray on dry hair, but since it's so weightless you can really use it as BOTH without feeling like hair will look greasy.  

Restore Recovery Regimen ($38)- This is the all-star treatment of the collection, especially if your hair is severely dry or damaged.  Each ampoule is packed with rejuvenating ingredients to restore even the most hopeless hair to a better state.  This deep conditioning treatment can be left in for up to 5 minutes, and that 5 minutes will be well worth your time when you see the instant results after just one use.  There are 5 treatments in the box, but after just 4 uses the Living Proof research shows that your hair will be 24x stronger than when you started using the treatments!  Bonus if you have shorter or finer hair like myself, you might not even need a whole ampoule to cover your head and achieve maximum benefits, but regardless of how much you use, you don't need to worry about hair feeling heavy or greasy.  

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