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Feb 25, 2012

My Makeup Diary: February 25, 2012

Disclaimer: this is an un-retouched and super close-up photo of my skin so let's try to be nice about it :)  It's a truly humbling experience to see what the camera sees on your face.  (Holy crap, are my lips crooked?  Am I starting to get age spots?  Oy.)
But anyhoo, I'm really excited to have found my favorite red lipstick on the planet!  I always get "reds" that are more dark pink than anything close to a true red.  This is my first true blue-red that I've fallen in love with.  I love the texture, I love the color, and it's really long-lasting for such a dramatic color.

This is Illamasqua's Box, created by THE Alex Box, who is a totally epic makeup artist that you need to be familiar with.  I got the opportunity to meet her during Fashion Week and I'm impressed, humbled, inspired, and happy that I got the chance to sit down with a true artist.  She got a little misty-eyed when talking about her namesake and signature lip color, Box.  "It's every makeup artist's dream really" [wearing a lipstick that's named after you].
Some other things you may not know about Alex Box and Illamasqua that I found out last week:
-Their new Freak fragrance is made up of almost all poisonous ingredients.  Well, formerly poisonous, but now a new distillation process makes Freak the first fragrance that's been able to safely use ingredients like Poison Hemlock, Opium Flower, Belladonna, and Queen Of The Night.
-Alex made the headpiece from the Freak ad campaign herself.  She often creates her props from scratch with such skill that they look like they are special effects!

-Ever notice how much fun the names of Illamasqua colors are?  The naming process is really just Alex and David Horne "having a laugh".  A little bit of humor and a whole lot of love goes into naming these colors that the company is so passionate about.



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