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Feb 25, 2012

Benz on a budget: transition into spring affordably with belts

This is always a tough time of year for me.  Spring is ABSOLUTELY my favorite season for buying clothes.  The color!  The lightweight fabrications (perfect for layering)!  But I live in NYC and have no business wearing a chiffon maxi dress today...even though global warming has been helping me out a little on this front.  That being said, I'm finding myself getting little tastes of warm-weather trends via nail art (loving all the color), makeup (holy pastels!), and most recently with belts.  They're such an easy (and cheap) way to layer on all the fun spring trends without freezing to death while walking around the city.
Urban Outfitters neon pink belt- $24

Metallic green version by Express for $25
Asos for $8.00!

These ASOS belts are a steal at about $10 each.

I just got this adorable skinny floral belt the other day for $18

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