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Dec 18, 2011

Kitty Bradshaw Meet N Tweet

I love blogger get-togethers because of the good company, the champagne that is usually involved, and, of course, the chance to learn about new products that I hadn't heard of before.  My brunch buddy (and eternal sweetheart) Kitty Bradshaw recently held one of these events that I was lucky enough to attend.
Here are some of the wonderful products I got to take home and play with that I absolutely adore:

Squeem Shapewear- Shapewear is a pretty new thing to me entirely.  I used to be a dance teacher, so shapewear was not exactly a necessity for me... but now I'm over 30 and no longer teaching dance... so let's just say that the ole metabolism has slowed quite a bit.  I've tried some other famous brands of shapewear but Squeem is a whole other world!  I am trying out the Perfect Waist piece, which is a single compression piece (that reminds me quite a bit of a bustier, but more functional) that nips in the waist, lifts the breasts, improves the posture, and is said to help with actual weight loss.

CND's holiday Colour & Effects- Every nail-obsessed beauty blogger knows about CND, but with all the nail art that's out there this holiday, their Colour & Effects collections are my faves.  I've been rocking Plumville with the Gold Sparkle effects ever since the event!

CoverGirl Queen Collection- I don't know if I've discussed this yet on the blog, but one of my ALL TIME favorite girl crushes is none other than Queen Latifah, who just happens to be the spokeswoman for the collection.  This is a collection women of all skin tones, and is super affordable.  I'm loving their Lasting Lip Pencils below my lipstick for a perfect holiday party lip statement.

Besides all the amazing products I got to play with, I learned about Angel Street Thrift Shop at the event.
It's a phenomenal thrift shop where you can find great clothes at 118 west 17th st (between 6th and 7th avenues).  But more important than what you can find there is what they actually do with the funds raised.  All purchases made at the Angel Street Thrift Shop support the Pregnant Women and Infants Program, as well as mental illness, drug abuse, and HIV/AIDS programs at the Lower Eastside Service Center, and the Bridge2Life Camp & Kids Club.  All are amazing organizations that are supported by your favorite activity: shopping.

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