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Dec 18, 2011

My Perfection SmoothOut by Pravana treatment at the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon

Sally Hershberger Downtown is now offering the Perfection SmoothOut by Pravana, a new alternative to safely smooth frizzy hair.  Perfection SmoothOut uses a nano-amino acid complex to alter the internal textural memory of the hair fiber, rather than using harsh chemicals or the dreaded formaldehyde that is said to be found in some other smoothing treatments.  The Pravana treatment truly transforms the hair to a smoother, frizz-free state, and it does so SAFELY.  
I got the amazing star treatment at Sally Hershberger DT by hair guru, James Vides.  His super down-to-earth nature should be surprising since he's dealt with stars and models galore, but he has the gift of making you feel comfortable in his chair.  Even if you walk in like I did: hair unwashed, crazy split ends, and without having my morning green tea latte.  
The treatment is gentle enough that hair can be washed the same day and it didn't fade my color-treated hair at all.  My hair was washed until it was squeaky clean, then the treatment was applied and allowed to soak in to the hair for about 10-15 minutes.  Then my hair was blown out and straightened with a flat iron.  The amount of curl or wave you want to maintain after the treatment is determined by the amount of times your stylist will go over it with the flat iron (the more passes with the flat iron=the straighter your hair will be after treatment) so I asked for my hair to be pretty straight.  In under an hour I was out of the salon with smoother, shinier hair.  
That's me looking VERY pleased with my smooth hair. 
Results can last from 8-12 weeks, and should be cared for with sulfate-free shampoo in the weeks after treatment.  The hair will gradually returns to its pre-treatment state with no line of demarcation like you'd find in harsher hair treatments. Prices start at $200.  

You can't even tell how badly I'm in need of a cut!  And my wonderful color remained intact.
Sally Hershberger DT is located at 425 West 14th st.  For more info on the Pravana Perfection SmoothOut treatment please call 212-206-8700.

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