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Jul 13, 2011

Beauty minis: VMV Hypoallergenics Sandpoint Travel Set

This is my first experience with VMV Hypoallergenics, but I'm already hooked. The Sandpoint Travel Set: SkinTransit ($50) is great for those on-the-go that suffer from sensitive skin, have children, or are picky about using hotel bath products. But before we talk about SkinTransit, let's have a little intro on the brand, shall we?
VMV Hypoallergenics uses a VH Rating number to tell us that allergens are omitted from their products, much in the way that an SPF number tells us that we're being protected from the sun. They use a list of 27 known allergens from the North American Dermatitis Group and make sure they are not in the products, giving most of their products a VH rating of 27 or higher so that these products will be effective on even the most sensitive skin. All products are non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, and preservative free.
The SkinTransit travel set contains 4 essential products that you need to take with you on any trip:
Essence Skin-saving Superwash Hair + Body Milk Shampoo
Essence Skin-saving Superwash Hair + Body Milk Conditioner- this shampoo/conditioner combo can indeed be used on hair and body without the risk of drying the skin or causing breakouts (I dare you to try to find another hair/body combo product that actually does this).
SuperSkin Care Creammmy Rich Intense Moisture Milk SPF15- this moisturizer is lightweight and great for sensitive skin, but is even more spectacular for its chemical-free sunscreen. I like chemical-free sunscreens (I often use baby sunscreen for this reason) because they don't make me breakout or make me miserable if it runs in to my eyes. Any contact-wearer knows how some sunscreen in your eyes can ruin a day in the sun.
Elation Skin-Sensitive Fine-Fresh Toothpaste- did you know that your toothpaste can cause oral dermatitis (acne or rashes around the mouth and chin)? I certainly did not, but now that I know there's a toothpaste that can prevent this, I'm thrilled! This toothpaste is made with natural peppermint oil and is free of dyes or sugars, which you would think ALL toothpastes are, but they are not. This is not an aggressively strong-tasting toothpaste, which I like, and has been helping with some tooth sensitivity that I deal with.

All the products come in TSA-approved sizes, a reusable tin, and a carry-on pouch made of EVA (a material that is more eco-friendly than PVC).
I'm really looking forward to learning more about this brand that doesn't sacrifice high-quality products in order to meet their standards of being hypoallergenic. They have a full line of hair care, skin care, baby, men's grooming, and makeup products that I need to discover. For more product info on the line, please visit

Many thanks to VMV Hypoallergenics for sending me these products to test!

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