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Apr 8, 2011

Spa Week Suggestion: Shibumi Spa

With Spa Week just around the corner I've done a fair amount of research (I promise it's ALL for you and I'm getting very little out of all these amazing massages. Cross my heart) about salons and spas for you to check out for your $50 treatments. But ever the procrastinator, I had an appointment at Shibumi Spa last night for an Antioxidant Head-To-Toe Exfoliation, followed by some reflexology. The Antioxidant Exfoliation is one of the $50 Spa Week specials that Shibumi Spa is offering, which regularly goes for $85. For 45 minutes I felt truly pampered while I was scrubbed down with a pomegranite and cranapple sugar scrub, followed by a marine enzyme facial peel. Don't be scared by those at all, they are both super gentle and nourishing for the skin, and I didn't have any irritation or tingling on my skin. I just felt the wonders of having soft skin while being able to relax. I'd definitely recommend having this treatment done for Spa Week.

On a more personal note, I also signed up for the reflexology, which I'd never done before. I was a little scared, but when I learned that the owner of the spa, Soli Davis, would be doing my treatment I relaxed a little bit. I mean, obviously the owner knows what she's doing, eh? Well I was shocked at how intuitive she was even before she had me in the room with just a towel on. A former dance teacher with a bum knee, having issues with stress and a post-nasal drip (friggin weather!) could look like a perfectly normal person when they walk in to your spa, but someone with the extensive training that Soli has can pinpoint these things right away. And she did. The reflexology was effective, and Soli was extremely informative. There's no hidden agenda here to get you to go back to her every second, she really cares about teaching you tricks to use at home so that you can release tension and become your best self.
For more information on Soli Davis and Shibumi Spa, please visit their website. But to book your $50 Antioxidant Head-To-Toe Exfoliation, head over the Spa Week website now!

Images courtesy of Shibumi Spa.

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