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Apr 12, 2011

An interview with Marcy Roth, creator of

I had the opportunity to interview Marcy Roth, the creator of, on her inspiration and what every fashionista needs in her jewelry arsenal. is a jewelry lover's dream come true, so I just had to talk to the woman behind the site. Read on peeps...

Benz: What inspired you to start the site?
Roth: Besides my personal obsession with all things sparkly. Today as consumers we
have so much choice, for what to buy and where to buy it, it's overwhelming.
Jewelry is no exception, there is so much "Stuff", a lot of it the same, a
lot of it disposable, low quality copies, and somewhat scattered anywhere
and everywhere, that I found it all to be quite daunting and frankly
uninspiring. I rarely saw something that jumped out at me-as a must have-
when shopping around in stores, online or at jewelry parties. I couldn't
find one place that I could rely on consistently for a truly edited
selection of unique and quality crafted jewelry that I wasn't going to see
on everyone else. Thus I was inspired to create this destination.

Additionally, I have a trained eye that quickly isolates the unique among a
sea of the same. I am skilled at selecting accessories that will work for
the real woman in our real everyday lives, with our varied style needs and
budgets. I am one of those people that is often stopped on the street and
asked where I got that pair of earrings or shoes that I'm wearing. I'm often
sought out for fashion and accessory advice by those I know. So it really
fired me up as I set out to create this destination I couldn't find,
allowing me the opportunity to leverage my skills and passion to help others
ultimately fulfill their style needs and look their best. Because isn't that
what jewelry is all about? It makes women feel special and illuminates their
inner and outer beauty. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping
someone else feel good about themselves. This is what continues to inspire

Benz: What's your favorite piece of jewelry you own?
Roth: I do love my heirloom pieces because they have so much meaning and come with a story, but I also love
finding a new piece that can become an heirloom piece to pass down. I love
my Knotted Circle Earrings because they are elegant bohemian glamour. And
for me they work with my hair length and color but also work well if I
choose to wear my hair back. I also love my vintage steel buckle cuff, b/c
it is from a shoe buckle constructed in the 1800's and reinvented as a cuff.

Benz: What's one piece of jewelry that every fashionista needs in her arsenal?
Roth: Earrings and there is no piercing required. Nothing brightens up your face
like a fabulous pair of earrings. Earrings have the same impact as a great
lipstick it can transform your look, pull your outfit together, and brighten
up your face.

Benz: What are some jewelry brands to be on the lookout for?
Roth: Brooke Gregson has developed a truly unique fine jewelry line incorporating precious and semi
precious stones with precious metals and silk. The Joomi Lim collection- a
husband and wife collaboration- is definitely one to watch they have created
a collection of jewelry that is sophisticated with a subtle eclectic
edginess incorporating clean architectural designs. Oblik-Atelier collection
really is a fabulous collection that blurs the lines between art and
fashion, the designer Mia was just selected to be the resident jewelry
designer at MAD Museum in NYC. And if I can add one more Kelacala Q for her
evolving collection of urban inspired collection that you can mix together
with just about anything, she has a talent for creating pieces that are
ahead of the trend curve.

A gigantic THANK YOU to Marcy for taking the time to talk to us! Please visit to find out more about Marcy, the site, and to shop some fantastic pieces.

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