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Mar 30, 2011

Adventures in hair removal (part deux?)

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, because, let’s be serious, who wants to talk about hair removal? The answer is simple ladies: I DO. It’s something that plagues women year round, but it’s definitely an even bigger concern as springtime is almost upon us and people are trying to get bikini-ready. So, for you dear readers, I bring you my favorite hair removal products. Enjoy.

For face:

Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips ($4.49 for face)

There’s a version for face and body, but the facial strips are my favorite for eyebrows. (And ladies with an unfortunate moustache, pay attention). What’s so great to me about these strips is the EasyGrip tab. I know it sounds simple, but when you’re about to rip hair from your body, it’s kind of nice knowing you have a good grip on the strip. Anyone who’s ever waxed at home knows what I’m talking about with this one. You’re also a sadist, which we’ll get to with the bikini wax portion. But face waxing is much easier, especially with these Veet strips. Since the wax is pre-applied to the strips, there’s no science to figuring how much you need. They’re also great for sensitive skin because they contain almond oil. Each box contains the wax strips and some Perfect Finish Wipes to remove any excess wax that’s left behind.

For legs:

Sally Hansen Pure Scent-sation Hair Remover Creme (approx $10)

Well well well… a hair remover cream that doesn’t smell awful. Most hair remover creams seriously smell disgusting. Sorry for the child-like way of expressing myself, but I can’t stand the way they smell. Fortunately this Sally Hansen formula is not like the others. It’s almost odor-free, using what they call Fresh Scent Technology. AKA, not offensive! I also don’t get a rash from using it, so I’m going to go ahead and tell you sensitive-skinned gals to try it, but do your allergy test first. It also contains vitamin E, aloe vera, and chamomile, so your legs feel nice and soft after using. It only takes 3 minutes and all your hair is gone! I like to rub on right before my shower and it’s like I’m magically hairless. Another plus? The pump bottle will not have you leaving your bathroom looking like a disaster area. (Please see Adventures in hair removal part 1 if you need a reference for former clumsiness with hair remover sprays). This product is a new favorite discovery of mine. Officially in love.

For the dreaded bikini area:

Completely Bare Bikini Wax Kit ($50)

So remember when I said people who do at-home-waxing are sadists? I totally believe it. BUT, for non-sadists I think this is the least painful way possible to do an at-home bikini wax. The key is Completely Bare’s “ouch-free” formulas. The pink wax is an ouchless wax to use with strips, and the purple is an ouchless hard wax that you don’t need strips for. This kit has EVERYTHING you need to do a professional (ish) wax at home. The kit contains both waxes, a disposable paper mat for messy people like myself, spatulas, wax strips, A MIRROR (genius), a Swarovski Elements Vajewel for if you’re feeling fancy down there, Completely Prepped towelettes for before the wax, and Completely Off towelettes to remove any residual wax (which smell lightly of lavender). Can it get any more thorough than that? I think not.

So now you know all my secrets. These are my favorite items to bring you smooth skin in time for spring (and year round). Perfect grooming is just $70 away. Each of these products get you several good uses, so by my estimate, that $70 will leave you smooth for at least 3 months. Not bad at all.

Thank you to Veet for sending me some of my fave wax strips to help with this story. Images courtesy of Veet, Sally Hansen, and Completely Bare.

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  1. If your body hair grows quickly or is dark, coarse or ingrown I would suggest using the Nads Hair Removal system. It is a waxing kit that really does work and keep the hair from growing back quickly. I don’t know your tolerance for pain of Brazilian waxing.



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