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Mar 31, 2011

Cheating on my perfume, again

Philosophy: Each act of grace blooms with beauty
I take cheating on my perfume very seriously. Sure I've been known to learn about other fragrances so that I can share the good news with my readers, but I've remained loyal to Philosophy's Amazing Grace for several years.

And then came Eternal Grace, and my whole world changed. I won't rehash the events for you, as you can just read about them here.

But now another problem has reared it's beautiful, adulterous head: Summer Grace. How can I cheat on my fragrance with a whirlwind summer romance that I know can only be fleeting? Well, Philosophy is not making it easy on me, because though Summer Grace is meant to evoke the happiness and lightheartedness of summer, I know I won't just be wearing it for 3 months.
Available now on, Summer Grace ($40 for 2 oz, $60 for 4 oz) is a light floral with citrus notes. Other notes include star fruit, peach, peony, passion flower, rose, sandalwood, coconut musk, and vanilla. My friends at Philosophy sent me a bottle and I'm already hooked. At this risk of sounding incredibly corny right now, this new fragrance reminds me of my childhood. I don't know what it is. Maybe it was being young and playing outside in my mother's well-tended flower beds, much to her dismay. Regardless of my personal experience, I think Philosophy's intention with this one was to bottle little pieces of sunshine and rainbows, and then sell it to you in a pretty package.
I'm scared to take it home with me... Will it sit on the shelf next to poor, old Amazing Grace? I put Eternal Grace on the shelf next to her and I know she's fuming. Now I'm going to bring another young lover in to the mix, and blatantly flaunt my new obsession in front of her? Or maybe this can all end well because Summer Grace's luminosity is both intoxicating and contagious. Maybe we can all just get along. I'll keep you updated on my fragrance saga, but my personal recommendation (if you DON'T feel emotional guilt when you switch perfumes) would be to try this feminine, flirty fragrance. Perfect for a date night or a romantic vacation, or if you're just a confident woman who knows how to work it. It's a clean, beautiful fragrance.

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