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Jan 23, 2011

La Petite Coquette

On most Thursday nights my schedule is jam-packed with fun blogger events, and this Thursday was no different. However, one person or another generally throws a wrench in to my evening and says "come with me to (insert event here)". I don't always like veering from my well-planned schedule, since I usually start at events uptown and head downtown so I'm closer to my apt, but I DO love discovering stores/products/brands that I didn't know about before, so I almost always oblige.
My friend Blake, who happens to be starting an amazing style blog (much more on that later!) invited me to a bra-fitting party at La Petite Coquette, a store that I had yet to discover, and which is conveniently 2 subway stops away from my apartment. I don't talk about it much on the blog because I'm not trying to make people blush, but I happen to think lingerie and bra fittings are extremely important. They say that 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and while I think the number is WAY too high, I also think it's true. So the 2 of us rushed on down to LPC as the event was winding down (better late than never?) and were welcomed with open arms, wine, and cheese.
Off in the fitting rooms the bra expert pegged my size in one guess. Not too shabby! But once you've found your size, you still have to consider what kind of bra supports you the best, and still looks good. So much to consider... demi cup, t-shirt bra, push-up my opinion, you ABSOLUTELY must go get a fitting if you haven't had one already. While I was wearing the correct bra size before I walked in, the bra expert gave me a slew of tricks to pick out the right type of bra and even tricks for once you've taken it home. For example, did you know you should always wear your bra on the last hook at first? Then as the bra gets older, and looses some of it's slack, you can pull it in to the middle hook, and then the tightest hook. vThese are things I definitely would not have known prior to the event.
While I think we kept the fit expert there past her originally promised schedule, I think it was worth it. I left with an amazing Betsey Johnson bra at 15% off, and now I get to share that sale with you! From now till February 13th, you can get a 15% discount at when you enter promo code ILUVLPC at checkout. The website is a wealth of information, including caring for your lingerie, and a fitting center to help you find your perfect size. Whether you have a valentine or not, I would definitely recommend getting some good intimate attire, because underneath every perfect outfit is a perfectly-fitting bra.

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  1. Getting your bra fitting is a must and often because as we age, lose/gain weight that stuff all changes.



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