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Jan 20, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me!

If you’re like me and have problems trying to find the perfect foundation match, Maybelline’s new Fit Me line might have the answer. Some of the magic of this line is simply the fact that it’s a large range of shades: 18 shades of foundation & powder, 6 different concealer shades, 12 blush colors, and 3 bronzer colors. Another big piece of the puzzle is the blendability factor. The foundations are free of chalky fillers, waxes, and oils, leaving skin able to breathe and pores unclogged. The ultra-lightweight and multi-dimensional color formulas allow the makeup to match the skin tone for a natural coverage.

In stores this month, the Fit Me collection will appeal to many consumers with their “Fit Finder” tool. The Fit Finder makes it easy to find your perfect shade of foundation, and then the powders, concealers, & blushes that are appropriate for your color range. There are 3 rows of makeup, starting on top with the 100 color range (lightest) and the 300 color range on the bottom (darkest). Each row contains the entire makeup suite appropriate for your color range. If you need additional help choosing a color before hitting stores, you can go to for their color advisor tool to see which row on the Fit Finder you should be looking at. (I’ll personally be using the 2nd row of medium colors to figure out my perfect shade).

Lastly, but probably most importantly, are the prices. In typical Maybelline style, everything is affordable. Fit Me! foundations & powders retail for $7.99 each, while the concealers are $6.49, and the blushes are $5.51. For $21.99 you can get a foundation, powder, concealer, and a blush!

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  1. Great post, I've been noticing this new line in stores and have been interested to check it out. :)



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