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Jan 6, 2011

2011 brings new skincare rules

Still looking for a New Year's Resolution? I'm not usually one for resolutions, as I'm just so darn sweet to begin with, but when the new year comes 'round I often start thinking what I can do to take better care of myself. No longer a spring chicken, I've decided that skincare comes first in regards to my beauty regimen.Gone are the days of the harsh 3 or 4-step skincare routines of our past. Many skincare lines have introduced a new 2nd step for your dailyroutine: moisturizing toners. Rather than the drying alcohol-based toners that strip your skin, you can try a hydrating toner to remove excess dirt and makeup after cleansing, while adding a little additional moisture before applying your face lotion. These magic potions have the same lightweight consistency as water, so they don't feel heavy of irritating to sensitive skin.
Here are some of my favorites that will leave your skin soft and utterly touchable:

Vichy Pureté Thermale hydra-perfecting toner ($16.50)

Shea plant extracts, glycerin, and Vichy's patented Thermal Spa Water all combine to purify the skin, while simultaneously hydrating. This product is alcohol-free, colorant-free, and allergy-tested so it's safe to use on sensitive skin.

Sensai Silk softening lotion ($50)

I've been using this on my skin for the past few months and I'm hooked. These are the months that my skin usually reacts to the cold weather with dry patches and irritation, but not since I've been using this softening lotion. My skin feels moisturized, but not greasy since I've started using it.

Osmotics Firming Tonic facial mist ($35)
Sage firms, lavender encourages cell regeneration, humectants moisturize, aloe vera smoothes. This blend of essential oils and botanical ingredients can be used on any skin type, but is great for dry skin or mature skin that could use a bit of a lift. (Try their Balancing Tonic facial mist if you have oily or combination skin to calm redness and breakouts).

Shiseido WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener ($44-$72).

This doesn't come out in department stores until March, but it's well worth the wait. Shiseido remains a trusted brand in my book after trying this softener. It makes your skin more receptive to whatever moisturizer you use afterwards and leaves skin glowing.

If you've been using a harsh toner, or are just looking for a little extra moisture during these dry months, one of these middle-step softeners are certainly worth looking in to.

Many thanks to Vichy, Shiseido, Sensai, and Osmotics for sending these samples for me to test.
Photos courtesy of Vichy, Shiseido, Sensai, and Osmotics.

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