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Apr 28, 2010

I took the DevaCurl challenge

So I've seen DevaCurl in the stores for years, but I had no desire to start wearing my hair curly every day for a writing experiment. However, when you meet someone who's made the switch over to Deva, they can be very convincing. One day after work I overheard a girl who had perfect curls talking about Deva and started to pry. Of course it was rainy and nasty out and her curls were gorgeous spirals while mine were a frizzy mess. She promised me that if I switched to Deva products that I would be a changed woman. I wouldn't say that I'm a gambler, but I certainly like a good challenge, especially if it gives me something to share with my readers. So I've been on the Deva products for about a month and I'm very happy with my results. First, a little background on the Deva line:
Curly girl and hair stylist, Lorraine Massey, started experimenting on her own head and realized that something in shampoo was damaging to her hair. Curly hair, already being delicate, is damaged by the detergents, or sulfates, in most shampoos. Thus a revolution was born called "No-Poo". No-Poo is Deva's botanically-infused cleanser that doesn't suds up and dry out like a shampoo would. In 2001 Massey and Denis DeSilva opened the Devachan salon in Soho in order to teach women with curls how to take care of their hair. At the salon they specialize in dry-cutting curls so that they fall naturally and beautifully. It's also a spa, so your curls aren't the only things that you can have pampered. Shortly after the salon opened, the full Deva hair care line was developed to accommodate the needs of all the various curl types out there. The Deva experts recommend that you mix and match the products to find what works best for you. Thus bringing me to my experiment...
I committed to using ONLY Deva products on my hair this past month. No serums, no curlers, no flat irons, no nothing. I didn't notice an immediate difference after a few days, but that probably has something to do with me torturing my poor curls for so long. After about a week my hair is noticeably softer and my curls are more defined. To help me along the way, there were several Youtube videos by the gang at DevaChan showing some curl tricks I'd never heard of. The most important thing I learned was to not fight with my hair. The less you fight with it, the more it will cooperate with you. I also tried basically EVERY product on the line and found some favorites:

No-Poo ($17.95)- this is an obvious choice for anyone's hair, no matter the curl type. No lather. No sulfates. No-brainer.

One Condition ($17.95)- I've been using a lot less conditioner than when I first started this experiment. (Probably because my hair is already feeling healthier). This is a lightweight conditioner that smells fresh and clean. I'd recommend this to any hair, not just the curlies.

B'Leave-In ($17.95)- This is a leave in conditioner and volumizer. Because I had such frizzy curls before, I never would have thought that I need volume. However, my hair is actually sort of thin, and once you take the frizz component out by eliminating the damaging sulfates, it actually needs a little root-boost.

All I need for my curls to be bouncy and fun is the No Poo, One Condition, and B'Leave in. However, this product line has something for all types of curls. Some products include:

AnGel- an alcohol-free and zesty smelling gel ($17.95).

Mist-er Right- cleansing tonic and hair refresher ($1795). Not like a dry-shampoo that just adds build-up to curls.

Set It Free- a moisture lock spray with olive oil and beeswax for lasting hold ($17.95)

Deva Fuser- a diffuser that looks like a hand ($34.95). This hand-like attachment allows for circular air flow, drying hair from the inside-out, rather than just drying the top of the hair. And it's just fun-looking, so why not try it?

This is the first blog about DevaCurl, but it will certainly not be the last. I have more products to try, and definitely have to visit the DevaChan salon. I also plan on reading Curly Girl Handbook; Massey's hair bible. All of the products are available on the DevaChan website, as well as in fine salons everywhere.


  1. Love your blog! The B'leave in boosts my fine curls too:) How do you apply it?

  2. Bless you! For taking the leap, and being so detailed in your info! I am a DevaDevotee, DevaCurl retailer and soon to be DevaStylist in Ontario Canada... I am posting your blog on mine. Cheers! Noelle

  3. Lately I've been flipping my hair upside down and just scrunching it with the B'leave in. What's your strategy?

  4. Make sure you put in super wet hair, no wrapping no towel rubbing!

  5. I like to scrunch in the b'leave in but find that raking it through, lightly of course, and then scrunching helps me to apply it evenly:) Love your blog!

  6. Great tips!!!
    Noelle, let me know when you post it and send me the link!



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