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Apr 29, 2010

Hair Room Service

You read the title correctly. Room service. For. Your. Hair. Does that sound like a New Yorker's dream or what? The rumors about New Yorkers being mean? Not really. About them being Type A? Maybe a little. About them being super busy at all times? Definitely. But even the super busy need to get their hair cut &/or colored. Michael Duenas started his business, Hair Room Service, to serve those people's needs. You can get anything from a cut, to color, to extensions, and even men's hair services. But the best part about it is actually not that you can type away on your laptop (as I'm doing) while someone does your hair. The best part is the feeling of complete comfort that you can only get in your home. I'm at an actual appointment right now while Duenas is doing someone's hair in her apartment, and it's such a fun environment. There are roommates running around pouring wine, there is good talk about local Mexican restaurants in the East Village, and the client who is getting highlights is actually getting some of her work done. This client is a world-traveler who had work to do and still wants to go out tonight with her friends (who brought the delicious wine that we're drinking). Thanks to Hair Room Service, she is going to get out tonight and she's going to look great doing it.

Hair Room Service is a new business, but Duenas has been a stylist for years and has an excellent resume. Once based in California, he was recruited by DevaChan salon (my new fave) to come to NY as a curly-hair specialist. He also travels quite a bit educating people who want to do hair. During one of his many travels, he overheard a woman distraught over not being able to get her hair done while she was on the road, and the idea of Hair Room Service was born. Why can't a person get their salon services done in the comfort of their own home, or while they're on the road,or even at a late night at the office? Well, now they can.
HRS already has a gaggle of loyal clients, who call for anything from general upkeep to a hair disaster. Hours are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, but after hours hair services are still available for a $50 surcharge. That seems a small price to pay if your need your hair done at an odd hour and would rather have it done in your bathrobe than trek across town to a salon. Not that you'd even be able to find a salon that's open at that time. I'd much rather have Duenas, or one of his highly-trained and professional staff members, show up at my place with all their equipment. He came to this appointment with a rolling suitcase including hair color, toner, blowdryer, a tarp for the floor, Schwarzkopf hair product, AND samples of the product for the client to keep.

Besides the fact that Duenas gives you great how-to tips while he's doing your hair, I have a sneaking suspicion that this business is going to really take off. So book your appointments now!
To book appointments, visit, or call 866-222-7566.

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