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Mar 6, 2010

Juice Beauty Mineral Tinted Moisturizer

I've never been a foundation-wearer. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Quite the opposite really. I'd love to wear one that makes my sensitive skin look and feel good. It's probably all mental, but I don't like the mask-like feeling I get with foundations and quite a few tinted moisturizers (especially when there's SPF in them). On several of my trips to Sephora (that store is my kryptonite) I've gazed at the Juice Beauty section. I was always strangely drawn there, but had never made a purchase. Well I'm glad I finally did! I picked up their Mineral Tinted Moisturizer in medium and I'm now a believer. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the line, just think of all the benefits of drinking juice. Now think about applying all those delicious vitamins and nutrients directly on your skin. This particular moisturizer contains white grape, pomegranite, aloe, and apple juices. Oh and toss in some avocado and sunflower oil, some vitamins A, C, E, and B5, AND green tea and cucumber. While that list is both impressing me and making me hungry, what's making me the happiest is how my skin looks and feels. My skin has the nicest glow and it feels like a regular moisturizer rather than a tinted one. I'm so happy to have found this product, especially at a $29 price tag when most of the tinted moisturizers out there are sitting at $35-$38. I'm really looking forward to trying some of their other products, although I'm sure my wallet is not excited about all the new products I'm going to have to buy now!


  1. I love this SPF moisturizer too! and the color tint is perfect for my skin- it just rubs in and disappears without leaving my face with a pale white glow like most sunscreens tend to do. Juice Beauty is my new favorite line! I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

  2. I love that it doesn't have that thick sunscreen feeling! I just picked up a bunch of other lotions and potions from their line. Very excited to try



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