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Jan 15, 2010

Dior Show Iconic Mascara

As if I needed an excuse to spend more money. I've been a long-time fan of Dior Show mascara. I will rarely cheat on this mascara. Every once in a while I'll rock a little YSL, but 90% of the time it's about Dior Show. I always believed that drug-store mascara would do the trick until I used this, and I never looked back. I was blessed with many gifts, but dark, long, thick eyelashes was not one of them. This gives me dramatic eyelashes every time, and it doesn't bother my sensitive eyes. I tend to get mascara on my contacts, but even the waterproof formula doesn't bother me.
So why on earth would I need to buy another mascara?
Because of course Dior had to come out with a BETTER brush. It's been out for a while now, but why switch from Show to Show Iconic? How much better can my lashes possibly look? When you've never had long eyelashes, sometimes you settle for second best. Until one of your coworkers comes in with what looks like fake eyelashes. I had little reason to believe that my friend, who is a mother and very down-to-earth, would have the time or the energy to get fake eyelashes put on for a regular old Tuesday at the office. I felt compelled to ask what she was doing differently. New eyeliner? No. The new Chanel makeup brushes we got her for Christmas? No. I was shocked to find out that she switched her mascaras, since she was the one who turned me on to Show in the first place. Simply put, she'd been using Iconic. Only $3 more than regular show, Iconic comes in at $27. Seems steep until you try it. I've been wearing it for days now and I still can't believe how long and dark they look. The black is SUPER BLACK and it makes my green eyes pop in a way that the regular show just didn't. It's got one of those weird plastic-y applicator brushes that I never trust, but it seems to work! And the formula is super water-proof, so it's NOT coming off.
Sigh... do I really need to spend $27 on a mascara? DAMMIT YES! I do.

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